Economic Development

We provide leading-edge expertise in core economic development

Millier Dickinson Blais uncovers unique opportunities in our changing economy.

Cultural Development

We identify culture-led economic development opportunities

We help communities to recognize and leverage their cultural assets to support local economic growth.

Workforce Development

We give communities a competitive edge in the race for talent

Our strategies and analysis help communities to attract and retain talented workers.

Community Development

Our sustainable
approach helps build
healthy communities

Our recommendations integrate capacity building and community engagement.

Business Development

An integrated and
practical approach to
business development

We deliver expertise in site selection, feasibility analysis and market entry studies.

Trade and International Development

We foster growth by
bridging international

We work with communities and businesses to build national and global business linkages.

Training and Facilitation

We promote our
industry by facilitation,
training and mentoring

Millier Dickinson Blais is committed to the growth of the economic development field.